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Training Workshops

Foundational Training Workshop Wholebody Focusing - November workshop postponed till March 2018
LOCATION: 14 Larne Street, Waikawa, Catlins, Southland, NZ
DATE: 23, 24, 25 March 2018
COST: $250 Early-bird price (before 1 November) $280 Standard
ENQUIRE: judydiane57@gmail.com or phone: +64 3 246 8745
REGISTER: www.wholebodyfocusing.co.nz

Connecting Body Wisdom with your Conscious Living Body
Wholebody Focusing is an experiential BodyMind practise which reconnects us to the vitality, intelligence and body wisdom of the conscious living body. Within each of us is an inner knowing of the right life-forward direction toward healing and fulfillment.

Who is the workshop for?
Suitable for people who have undertaken some kind of personal development or mind/body awareness practice and are ready to take the next step (a free 20 minute conversation prior to the workshop is recommended) It is open to anyone interested in conscious living and connecting directly to their own body wisdom. It will be of particular interest to therapists and body/movement focused practitioners.
For more on Wholebody Focusing go to founder Kevin McEvenue site: www.wholebodyfocusing.com

A letter can be provided upon request as ‘proof of professional training days’ for person centred therapists, body-oriented and health care professionals. Prior experience or knowledge is not needed.

About the Facilitator
Judy is a certified Wholebody Focusing trainer with the Focusing Institute in New York and has six years training with Karen Whalen PhD., a Certifying Coordinator of The Focusing Institute in New York. Judy hosted and co-taught the Foundational Training & Wholebody Heartfelt Connections workshops with Karen at Waikawa Catlins NZ in June 2015, facilitated 2.5 hour Introductory Wholebody Focusing workshops in Invercargill in 2016.
Currently training with Karen in the advanced certification programme: Relational Wholebody Focusing Oriented Therapy. 
Judy has explored Person Centered Therapy for many years and recognizes the rightness of fit with Wholebody Focusing and Relational Wholebody focusing Oriented Therapy.

Upcoming Wholebody Focusing Courses

Advanced Certification Programme in Relational Wholebody Focusing and Relational Wholebody Focusing-Oriented Therapy

The Art of Relational Wholebody Focusing : Exploring the Dynamic Relational Field of WE HERE
Coming to Invercargill, New Zealand 
Date: TBC
International Trainer: Karen Whalen, Ph.D (Canada)

'Experience the Joy and Vitality of Wholeness of Self in Connection with Another Person: ME HERE NOW in Harmony of Body/Mind/Heart/Spirit with YOU THERE'

'Master the Whole Body’s Felt Sensing Language of Sensory and Energetic Signals as Doorways into Conscious Adult Relationship'
'Engage in Mutually Fulfilling Wholebody Heartfelt Conversations with Naturalness and Wisdom: Healing my Relational Stoppages'                       
'Explore the vibrational fields of Inter-human resonance through Inner-directed Movement and Spontaneous Self-expression'

Previous training programs have been held worldwide in North America, Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. Professionals in areas as diverse as health-care and medicine, business, law, and the performing arts, have applied these skills to enhancing their own professional and creative practises.

It is essential for participants of the Advanced Certification Programme to have completed the Foundational Wholebody Focusing Training Programme
Fees: TBA
Location: Invercargill, New Zealand
Please contact for further information: Judy Leith: judydiane57@gmail.com
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