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WBF Intro night - 29 November 2017

Wholebody Focusing Intro night - Gore 29 November 2017   

Venue: James Cumming Wing, Ardwick Street, Gore 
Date: Wednesday 29 November 2017
Time: 6.30 - 9 pm
Facilitator: Judy Leith

Bookings Essential
$20 PP including supper
Enquire: +64 3 246 8745 E: judydiane57@gmail.com
Book and register your interest: www.wholebodyfocusing.co.nz 

Many people ask “What is Focusing?”
Come and find out at the introductory evening.
Focusing is a form of mindfulness helping us to connect with ourselves and hear our bodily and innate wisdom. Wholebody Focusing is a spacious and gentle way to:
• relax and unwind from daily stresses
• tune in and to observe my body’s experience of itself
• experience more ease and less anxiety
• reduce suffering from pain and heal past trauma
Through this deeper connection to Self and our own body wisdom, we open the way to connecting more significantly with others and we are more able to listen and enjoy the experience of being present – the benefits are far reaching.

Wholebody Focusing Intro night - Gore 29 November 2017

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